October 22, 2015


As you have found this website, you have probably read my books and would like to know more.

The Rose Way Meditation and my other books based on the work of Joe Koperski were written under the pseudonym Dana Williams. I explain why I chose a pseudonym here.

Unfortunately, I did not find time to continue evolving this work as I would have liked. I continue to receive gifts in the forms of various illnesses that I learn from–and this is good; I believe anyone born in these times has opted in for the experience of toxicity in their body-mind, to benefit from profound lessons.

With my available energy, I focus on supporting the health of children and the wellbeing of families through research, writing, counseling and outreach.

In this context I have evolved my hypnotherapy practice and accept a few clients each week.


As of today, September 9, 2016, I have formed the resolution to blog a little. These sporadic posts will reflect my own thoughts and learnings. I am not active on any social media network so if you wish to follow me, sign up in the bar at the top of this website.

Occasionally, people write me with spiritual questions. I answer as I have time. I plan to go through my answer-emails and use these as the basis for blogs soon.

My Offerings

I am a certified hypnotherapist with integrative practices.

I love this form of healing for the intuitive partnership it allows between myself and my client.

My clients are usually persons with spiritual practice under their belt, so  we have some common ground. My clients are usually in pain, grieving or feeling lost, or are suffering from an illness and need support for their physical and emotional healing. So-called “targeted individuals” and “alien abductees” are also welcome, as I have some experience in these areas.

I also like to support persons in the healing professions who are seeking to expand their spiritual experience, knowledge and sensitivity.

I am especially honored to offer my services to persons going through end-of-life processes.

If you would like to learn more, contact me to arrange a time to talk.

During this conversation, I will answer your questions and we can consider whether we are a good fit.

For spiritual counseling and hypnotherapy, including (when desired) the RoseWay meditation, I offer 3 sessions for $600 as a package. A session will last 1.5-2 hours, depending on what we do during the session. The initial “getting to know you” session is  2 hours.